Sex and Yoshi. [yes, ... Yoshi.]

Friday 12 March 10 15:27

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So..its not what you think...Maybe I shouldnt have called this one SEX and YOSHI!...cuz ya kinda get the wrong impression and it makes you not wanna read it.. [I hope piczo doesnt make me get rid of this entryXD XD]

I'm on facebook and I'm talking to my friend Tyler Terrell and he became a friend of 'Yoshi' and I was like oh cool!! and I mentioned that Yoshi wasnt really a boy it was a girl..
[I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY A GIRL BECAUSE A GROUP ON FACEBOOK SAID 'Join if you didn't know that Yoshi from Mario is a girl..'] so we got into this big thing because he called me a liar and I got kinda angry so I started to get defensive and find proof...

Heres an answer found on wikipedia:
"Some say Yoshi does not have a gender, though the "female" Birdo (who appears in super Mario Brothers II) has a crush on him or her. But, Birdo has been proven to be male in many ways. (If you don't believe me, check in other places. Birdo is transgender. Birdo is actually male. The pink ones are, the dark green are not.

Back to the question. The answer to the question is yes and no. Some think Yoshi doesn't have a gender. Wrong. Nintendo says that, I dunno why. Here is the explanation:

The characteristics of a male Yoshi are:
for behavior more aggressive,
for appearance, There is barely any differences from the female but the do have more spikes. sometimes, they can go all the way down his back.
The most apparent characteristic that differs from a female Yoshi is that he can't lay eggs. However, there are a lot of males seen in games despite this fact. That's all really. Sometimes, males would lose their spikes from combat, making them easier to ride.

Here are the characteristics of a female Yoshi:
Less spikes, ability to lay eggs, calmer too.
She has a motherly mind, meaning, when she finds a lost baby or creature, she will take care if it until the parents are found. If you played Yoshi's island, That is a great example of what was explained above. Not make males look bad though but, they would attack baby Mario for coming into his territory or space.
It is unknown how the female Yoshi egg became so popular but probably she uses it to defend herself from predators that may hurt her or her baby. That explains why the female yoshi throws eggs. Yes, she lays eggs. No, she doesn't wear a bow or have big eye lashes."

I showed that to Tyler and he still didnt believe it...
So I posted a status with the evidence concerning Yoshi's Sex. And he did the same.

More people agreed with him saying that he is JUST A BOY... when Less people agreed with my Take on Yoshi's sex...
I go along with nintendo with the idea that Yoshi is a is not a girl, nor is it a boy. It is simply a Yoshi...Who agrees with who...

Please comment what you think Yoshi is...because I'd like to see everyones opinion on this.. Thank you for listening..and if you have Something that will backup your opinion on this Yoshi discussion let me know, and post it with your comment :]

Thanks Guys
Keep Dreaming
Why is the girl dressed as Yoshi and the guy as birdo? SEE MORE PROOF! XD XD



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  • Xazyv


    Yoshi i believe was initially supposed to be female (hence, the eggs) but at some point or another he was reffered to as male, (in fact, in Brawl, someone from Metal Gear can "analyse" the enemy, and they specifically say Yoshi "said" he is male) so Yoshi got a sex-change.

    which brings some issues since Birdo (the pink yoshi-looking thing with the bow) was initially supposed to be male, but, naturally, is now called female because of the color and bow.

    Friday 12 March 10 15:45
  • YariiXD


    I completely agree with the idea that Yoshi is just an IT. If there's this much discussion on it, then obviously it's too much of both genders to even be considered one single gender. So I vote on Yoshi being an IT!

    -- Yarii :]

    Saturday 13 March 10 11:25
  • DarkIce16


    Yeah Baby Yeah!!! :D XD thanks :D

    Saturday 13 March 10 16:37

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